Do you want to learn how to rock-out a fantabulous set of nails?
Wanna learn some cool nail art?
How about proper gel polish application?
Or maybe you just want to refine your already existing awesomeness?
If so, you’ve come to the right place!

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Carmen Hayward is a practicing Senior Nail Technician, Independent Educator, and Certified Master Pedicurist. All Dolled Up offers semi-private classes from our salon in Invermere, BC. We have a fun, relaxed atmosphere and encourage our students to feel comfortable and at ease. Carmen has an excellent eye for detail and trains her students in this manner. Don’t worry though, we won’t be too hard on you! It takes hours and hours of practice to feel comfortable with your work and we’re here to get you started on the right track! Carmen is continually attending courses and workshops to stay current on education and trends. Recently attended was some top-notch training with educators from all over the world including a class specifically on Perfection Training. She also had the privilege of attending a small nail art and gel skills training class with Gemma Lambert, 12X UK Award Winning Nail Technician and International Judge. And, in 2010, Carmen had advanced training with world-renowned Nail Technician and Educator, Vicki Peters. What a privilege to meet all these awesome Nail Technicians from all over the world! This knowledge can now be passed on to her students! All certification classes are held with 2-4 students so we can really concentrate on each one. Private training is also available for an additional fee. For course information or for future dates, please email us at
PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING ALWAYS AVAILABLE – this training is customized to each individual or salon