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What to Look Out For

Watch for any of the following in a salon. If you see any of the following violations of these INTA/NMC cleanliness criteria, we recommend that you leave the salon and find another place for service or insist they follow these procedures.

  • Salon that does not look clean in general, with any hair or nail clippings, dust or debris on the floor, drawers, tables, or other furniture.
  • Salon is using dusty or dirty nail files, buffers and other tools.
  • Salon is using products from unlabeled or unmarked containers.
  • Salon stores nail files and other tools in a dirty drawer or container.
  • Salon is using nail files or other tools that are stored in dirty or contaminated-looking solution. Note: some solutions are not transparent but are not necessarily “dirty”. If uncertain, ask.
  • Salon does not cover or place lid on disinfection containers.
  • Restrooms are dirty or unkempt, lack liquid soap and clean towels.
  • Nail technicians are using razors on clients feet to remove a callous or thick skin.
  • Salon is providing services to clients with infected fingers, nails, toenails or feet.

Be wary of nail technicians or salon service providers who:

  • Do not ask you to wash your hands or wash your feet before performing any nail or pedicure service.
  • Do not wash their own hands before performing a nail or pedicure service.
  • Provide services that are painful or damages your skin or nails.
  • Cannot explain how they clean and disinfect their nail files, clippers, bits, and tools when asked.
  • Cannot explain how they clean and disinfect foot spas when asked.
  • Do not have a logbook indicating when pedicure foot spas were cleaned and disinfected.
  • Use an implement or other object to forcibly remove or “pry off” artificial nails.
  • Do not provide each client with a clean and disinfected nailbrush for scrubbing underneath nails.
  • Do not use a clean, freshly laundered or disposable towel.
  • Will not show you a current license when you ask to see it.
  • Say they are too busy to properly clean and disinfect their tools.
  • Stick their fingers directly into jars or containers.
  • Do not discuss concerns, ask questions and/or complete consultation before performing services.

Courtesy of INTA (International Nail Technicians Association) & NMC (Nail Manufacturers Council)

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