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Caring For Your Nails

Your Nail Technician has given you  a great set of nail enhancements and you’re set to come  in for an appointment in a couple of weeks.  Is that all there is to it? Not quite. The following are key pointers to help you care for your nails at home.

LET YOUR NAIL TECH DO HER JOB. If you break a nail or if a nail begins to lift, schedule a repair appointment. Do not attempt to fix the nail yourself. Improperly gluing down a loose nail can cause moisture to become trapped between the nail and the enhancement and possibly cause an infection. Do not bandage a broken nail as bandages may also trap moisture. Do not take down the length of your enhancements as this will throw off the balance of the nail and may make the nail look bulky.

TREAT YOUR NAILS LIKE JEWELS. Protect your investment by wearing gloves when gardening or exposing hands to water for extended periods of time. Do not put upward pressure on your nail tips, use a soda can opener to pop tops, and dial the phone with the eraser end of a pencil.

ADD SOME EXTRAS. Your Nail Technician may suggest that you apply a top coat every other day (or more often depending on your exposure to the sun) to prevent chipping or yellowing. Cuticle oil is also a daily necessity as it keeps cuticles supple and the product moisturized and flexible.

LISTEN TO YOUR NAIL TECH. Can’t decide what length and type of enhancement you’d like? Your Nail Technician will be more than happy to make a suggestion. For example, if you’re hard on your nails because you work on  a computer or do heavy work, shorter nails may be your best option.

CALL IN SICK. If you have a contagious skin or nail condition, wait until it clears before visiting the salon again. If symptoms persist, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU HAVE. Very few clients will develop allergic reactions to an ingredient in some nail products. Allergic reactions are characterized by redness, itching, and swelling of the skin around the nails, or irritation around the eyes and mouth. If you develop any of these symptoms, call your Nail Technician. She will help you determine which ingredients you’re having a reaction to and will take steps to avoid them. If necessary, she will refer you to a dermatologist. Do not ignore a condition that develops around the nail.

DON’T TAKE THEM OFF. If you decide you no longer want to wear nail enhancements, do not take them off yourself. Picking and pulling the nails off will damage your natural nail, rip layers from your nail plate, and make regrowth a long, painful process. Your Nail Technician can safely remove nail enhancements.

Courtesy of Nails Magazine

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